Submitting a review – step by step

  1. Sign in as a reviewer or create an account at

  2. Having accepted the invitation to review a paper, you can download the full paper by clicking on “Pending reviews” and then “View manuscript (PDF)”.
    However, if you have guessed the identity of the author and there is a conflict of interest, please decline the review invitation.

  3. Then fill out the review form by clicking on “Prepare review”.

  4. The rating scale on the form is from 1 (very poor) to 5 (very good). In the form, you are asked to indicate the following information:
    • the overall value of the article
    • consistency of the title with the paper
    • introduction
    • case description
    • materials and methods
    • results
    • discussion
    • conclusions
    • graphics
    • literature
    • abstract
    • confidential editorial comments (invisible to authors)
    • information for authors

    The reviewer can upload the corrected article (DOCX, PDF, or ODT). In the review form, the reviewer can choose one of four decisions:
    • accept without any changes,
    • accept upon minor changes suggested by the reviewers,
    • accept upon major changes and re-review,
    • reject.
    The selected decision is only a suggestion, since the final decision on a particular paper is always made by the Editorial Team.
  5. The editors are notified of submission of the review by e-mail.
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