About the Journal
The journal “Problems of Agricultural Economics” provides a forum for economists specialising in all fields of the food economy – agricultural economics and food industry economics, trade in agri-food products, agrarian policy and social issues of rural areas.

The journal publishes theoretical theses and papers on methodology, research findings and contributions, articles of polemical character as well as reviews of books published in Poland and abroad. The quarterly also chronicles the developments in the agricultural economic society. The journal publishes summaries of doctoral theses, transactions of the Committee of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of the Polish Academy of Sciences and conference proceedings. It contains information about important works of literature concerning food economics, coming out both in Poland and abroad.

The journal “Problems of Agricultural Economics” is the oldest and the most representative journal of the society of the Polish agricultural economists. From the beginning, i.e. since 1952, it has acted as the most important forum for presentation of major scientific and research achievements, scientific disputes on focal problems of agricultural economics and agricultural policy, new theories and concepts of practical solutions, discussions on scientific research methodology in the field of agricultural economics, organisation of agricultural enterprises and related sciences.

More than 340 issues of the journal published so far reflect the dynamics of the activity of the agricultural economic society and chronicle the evolution of the Polish agrarian thought in the post-war period, considering the comprehensive nature of the process in different periods of the most recent history of Poland. It would be impossible today, and even more so in the future, to analyse and understand the evolution without studying carefully the back issues of the journal.

It should be mentioned that a few generations of agricultural economists were brought up on the “Problems of Agricultural Economics” as it has always been closely linked with academic learning, and thousands of students and candidates for the master’s or doctor’s degree in virtually all academic centres have benefitted from the Journal both as a source of information and a guide to the relevant literature.

The journal, available to scientists at many foreign research centres, is an important tool for sharing information and analyses on the economic situation and productive capacities of the Polish agriculture confirming at the same time the high research activity of the Polish agricultural economists, who make a significant contribution to developments in agricultural economics as a science. The Journal has a good market and enjoys recognition among foreign research centres and many of foreign researchers are keen for their papers to be published in the “Problems of Agricultural Economics”.