For Reviewers
  1. The papers that failed to meet the basic requirements of linguistic correctness or are inconsistent with the editorial requirements or do not fit into the thematic profile of the journal are rejected without review.
  2. After initial verification of the papers the Editorial Committee and the Editor in Chief selects Reviewers, who prepare, within an agreed time, reviews by filling in forms provided by the Editorial Team. The Reviewers assess the paper given its substantive content, correctness of the used method, logic of reasoning, coherence of contents with the topic, linguistic correctness, and relevant selection of references, etc.
  3. The papers are reviewed by at least two independent Reviewers in line with the principles of double-blind review process, i.e. Authors and Reviewers do not know each other’s identity.
  4. The review includes a clear conclusion of the Reviewer concerning conditions of eligibility of the paper for publication or its rejection:
    • approve,
    • approve without change,
    • approve upon changes suggested by the Reviewer,
    • approve upon major changes and re-review,
    • reject.
  5. The Reviewers review the papers observing the principle of confidentiality and they do not use the information obtained during the review before the paper’s publication.
  6. Comments of the Reviewers are sent to the paper’s Author. If the Reviewer makes the publication of the paper dependent on corrections suggested by the Reviewer, the Author has to do so in line with the comments formulated by the Reviewer
  7. The Author can respond to the Reviewer’s suggestions by presenting his/her justified opinion to the Editorial Team.
  8. If both reviews are positive, the papers are published.
  9. The decision on publication of a paper is made by the Subject Editors after prior consultation with the Editorial Committee.
  10. Names of the Reviewers for respective issues are not made public. The Editorial Team makes public the list of cooperating Reviewers on the website of the Journal.
  11. The Review is made based on a review form (Review Form)