For Authors
  1. A paper qualified by the Editorial Team for printing must be an original work not published anywhere else before, any other journal, monograph or any other publication.
  2. Papers sent to the journal should not be longer than 20 pages of typescript (36-40 thousand characters with spaces and footnotes), including tables and figures.
  3. All tables, graphs, maps or figures forming components of the text should be sent also in editable electronic form (Excel, Power Point).
  4. The paper should be provided with an abstract (presenting the entire scope of the paper), keywords (at least 3 words or phrases), JEL codes (at least 3 – see JEL codes), full affiliations (name, address of the Author’s institution, e-mail and phone) and ORCID nuber.
  5. References to the papers are prepared in accordance with the APA style (APA style).
  6. Papers submitted in ENGLISH are prioritized and the Editorial Team reserves the right to translate the whole text or its abbreviations.
  7. The Editorial Team reserves the right to abbreviate too long texts, limit the number of figures, tables and charts as part of the editorial process and remove from the paper figures, photographs, and tables of poor quality, if the author – upon request – fails to provide their better quality versions.
  8. Full texts of papers are published in Open Access, and each published paper is provided with metadata and DOI number.
  9. Upon submission of papers the Authors and co-authors are obligated to fill in the copyrights declaration, annex its filled in scan and send back the originals to the address of the Editorial Office (Copyrights).
  10. In case of co-authors, the contributions of respective authors in the paper should be stated – ghostwriting (affiliation, concept, premises and methods).
  11. Please sent papers via the tab “Submit your paper” on the website
  12. Authors of the papers receive one author’s complimentary copy.
  13. The Editorial Team reserves the right to refuse to publish papers. Papers intended for publication are not returned.
  14. Submission of papers is free of charge.