For Authors


  1. The journal Problems of Agricultural Economics / Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej publishes papers on agricultural economics, organisation of agricultural enterprises and agrarian policy.
  2. A paper selected by the editorial team for print must not be published in any other periodical prior to publication in Problems of Agricultural Economics / Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej.
  3. Apart from papers we publish:
    - reviews of books and periodicals,
    - statistical materials prepared for publication,
    - minutes from scientific meetings and conventions,
    - other information on academic developments in the aforementioned fields.
  4. Individual papers should not be longer than 20 pages of typescript, including tables and figures.
  5. The paper should be provided along with an abstract, presenting the entire scope of the paper, keywords in Polish and English (at least 6 words or phrases) and JEL codes (3-5).
  6. The editorial team reserves the right to translate the text, abbreviate it, limit the number of figures, tables and charts as part of editing.
  7. In case of co-authors, the contributions of respective authors in the paper should be stated – ghostwriting (affiliation, concept, premises and methods).
  8. Please sent the papers via the website: using the tab: "Submit your paper".
  9. The Authors should provide their name and address as well as address of their institution, e-mail and phone number.
  10. Technical requirements:
    - charts, figures prepared in colour and in editable format (excel),
    - tables prepared in editable Word version.
  11. Authors of the papers receive one author’s complimentary copy.
  12. The editorial team reserves the right to refuse to publish papers. Papers intended for publication are not returned.


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JEL classification codes - Wikipedia.pdf