Aims and Scope
The quarterly "Problems of Agricultural Economics / Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej" is the oldest and most representative journal of the Polish economists dealing with agricultural issues. From its very beginning, i.e. from 1952, it is the main forum for presenting the key scientific and research findings, fueling scientific disputes about key issues of agricultural economics and agricultural policy, forming new theories and concepts of practical solutions, conducting discussions around the methodology of scientific research in the field of agricultural economics, organization of agricultural enterprises and related sciences.

By the end of 2018 there were 357 issues of "Problems of Agricultural Economics / Zagadnień Ekonomiki Rolnej" that document the evolution of the Polish agrarian thought in the post-war period, in all the complexity of this process and in subsequent periods of the latest history, starting from structural and ownership transformations in the 1990s, and then after accession to the European Union in 2004 to the present application of the newest technologies in agriculture and eco-innovations. The journal is a forum for economists from all areas of the food economy – agricultural economics, food industry economics, agri-food trade, agrarian policy, as well as scientists dealing with the issues of environmental protection, ecology and rural sociology.

"Problems of Agricultural Economics / Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej" publish theoretical and methodical theses, research results, as well as polemics and reviews of scientific books published in Poland and abroad. The quarterly also serves as a chronicle of the scientific life of the academic circles of agricultural economics. It publishes abstracts of doctoral theses, reports from the sessions of the Committee on Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of the Polish Academy of Sciences, domestic and foreign scientific conferences as well as information about important items of domestic and foreign literature in the field of agricultural and food economics.

The journal "Problems of Agricultural Economics / Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej" reaching many foreign research centers, is an important tool for exchange of information about current directions of research in the field of agricultural and food economics, it testifies to the scientific activity of Polish agricultural economists who make a significant contribution to the development of agricultural economics as a science.