Aims and Scope

The journal "Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej / Problems of Agricultural Economics", is the oldest and most representative journal of the Polish economists dealing with agri-food economics and related disciplines. From its beginning, it is the main forum for presenting the key scientific and research findings, fuelling scientific disputes, forming new theories and concepts of practical solutions, conducting discussions around the methodology of scientific research. Published articles are dedicated to the fields of agricultural economics and policy, food industry and trade, rural areas development, globalization and regionalization, sustainability, environment protection, bioeconomy, climate changes, innovations and digital technologies, risk management and insurances as well as finance and marketing.

Preferences are given to original articles that test, extend or build strong theoretical frameworks while empirically investigating the issues. All empirical methods, including, but not limited to, qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods, are welcomed. On top of scientific papers, the journal publishes polemics, information about scientific conferences, reviews and summaries of papers and books issued in Poland and abroad as well as summaries of doctoral theses.

The journal published quarterly, is reaching many foreign research centres as an important tool for exchange of information on current directions of research between the Polish and international readership. With contribution from leading international scholars, the journal influences new developments in in research and methods of analysis.
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